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17 Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction

Is Hotel Wi-fi Safe For Use?

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Increase in demand and innovative expertise has led to the search and question throwing at “how to improve hotel guest satisfaction”.

Due to some increase and the ability for investors to invest hugely on hotel business because, they know that hotel business is multi million profit yielding investment.

They have come to know that the need to improve hotel guest satisfaction is very important.

According to real source of basic researches conducted, we have been able to know and give you complete knowledge on how to improve hotel guest satisfaction.

As a hotelier with a good business acumen, we have been able to prove your questions worthy of search and providing you with a tentative answer, after series of research.

Here are the the ways in which you can improve hotel guest satisfaction;

We are going to give you a detailed explanation of them all, just stay focus and read carefully without leaving anything behind.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through WiFi Innovation


Innovation is simply the way to see things that are existing and to be able to take it higher to another level.

WiFi has become one of the basic needs for guest.

Guest will always ask for things that are paramount to them and before they could mention from number 1-4 things they want in a hotel, it would be wifi.

According to a statistics of survey conducted for hotels in US. Hotels that offer free WiFi gets more guest than those that doesn’t because many guest are travelers. See is hotel wifi safe for use

WiFi network has been taken as an alternative to food, so many guest prefer free WiFi to food so, in other to improve hotel guest satisfaction you need to enable free WiFi.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Personal

One of the best ways to improve hotel guest satisfaction is to personalize the guest by providing a central reservation system for them. And also trying to know more about their experience as a guest.

The central reservation system, helps to manage reservations and can provide some valid information about the guest.

It is equally advisable for a hotelier to use the customer relationship management tool. This method has been adopted for a very long time but only a few knows about it.

This is an important tool that helps in understanding how guest choose product.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Feedback process

Always make it a routine, for you to ask your customers about their experience.

But try to ask politely or you can send them mails and some satisfaction survey so that you can serve them better.

Try to employ the use of funny words, to make them smile and give you all they have got.

Without feedback process, all your efforts in guest satisfaction survey is gone and you might loose your guests.

Because you didn’t hear from their experience. There is an economic term that says “customers are always right”.

Improve hotel guest satisfaction through improving customer service

Poor service makes the guest to go and never return. Always try to improve because, it is only when you can accept guest feedback and put it into action will you be able to serve better.

The customer service should always start with the receptionist, always be available to check on guest because many guest seek for the presence of the managers.

It gives them confidence, hospitality is the key to improve hotel guest satisfaction. Ask for reviews as earlier discussed and make sure that your guest are happy.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Customization

All guest want the service given to them as VIP service.

You can design the room with the guest picture, favorite colors before the guest arrival.

Always go through their post booking list and spy a little on their private information, apply it on the service.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Post Booking Communication

The ability for guest to post book your rooms shows great achievement and fame.
It shows that your management is a very good one because, if your hotel is not good enough, your guest will not book down any of it.

But you still have to improve in your post booking operations, always keep to agreement.

Ensure that the exact rooms booked for are not given out to another guest so as to avoid creating unnecessary chaos.

Apply some of the ways mentioned above and make the room look charming.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Freebies Offer

Freebies Offer are gifts that the hotel management presents to their guest in essence of their patronage.

It is a way of showing gratitude to the guest and making them to feel comfortable and happy with what they purchase.

Your guest may sometimes be one of the most powerful marketing tool, or equally your biggest detractors.Always try to impress your guest at all cost.

If your guest have a very good experience, they are going to recommend you to their friends, family members and even sharing it on social media.

If they have a bad experience, they are going to share their views via online reviews and some other places, just to make sure people know about it.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Implementing In-room Technology

Smart door technology to improve hotel guest satisfaction

Technology has gone to it’s peak.
The technology that has been developed for hotels and other resort areas are exciting and game changing.

For instance China has invented the use of robots over waiters and waitresses.
So many companies and organization now uses robots to work, in the avoidance of human error.

Hotels are now installing a technology called smart room keys for doors. It allows guest to open their doors with just a swipe on their smart phone. See Smart home technology

So many hotels have implemented the use of this technology.

Hotels, have gone to the extent of programming desktop, so that the guests can be able to purchase some amenities with ease and be delivered to them in seconds.

Hotel desktop are now proven to be the best communication tool for between guest and staff.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Pro-activeness

Always be proactive. Don’t wait for guest reviews or complaints. Try to upgrade at all cost.

If they complained about anything in a room, try to reach out to the solution.  They came with children before, then when they are coming again try to keep toys, teddy bears and some other miscellaneous items. Maybe they have booked the room before, you can use their previous information to personalize their experience.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction BY Rewarding Repeat Guest

Rewarding Regular Guest is one of the best ways to build guest loyalty.
Loyalty from guest is a very difficult thing to build. In competitive market nowadays loyalty is hard to build and maintain.

As hoteliers, we need to focus on building the guest loyalty to its peak, we need to focus more on the strategies to build guest loyalty and trust.

Some ways you can gain loyalty from guest are:

  • Offering Free Nights To Guest
  • Giving Good Discount To Guest
  • Offering Some Complementary Velvet
  • Settings Some Good Reward Points
  • Offering them free drinks

It is also a good approach to acknowledge your guest, that they are regular and by recognizing them with their names individually, gives them a good impression and make them feel welcome.

Improve Guest Satisfaction Through Creating Inclusive And Accessible Experience For All

improve hotel guest satisfaction through comfort sitting room

Make your hotel to be outstanding in all areas by creating extra ordinary experience for all and not only for guest.

Looking into travel issues, a source outlined some pillars in having a great inclusive experience. Which are;

  • Standardized Content And Service
  • Responsive Service
  • Verbal And Effective Communication Strategy
  • And Some Personalize Offers

In some other researches conducted in improve hotel guest satisfaction through creating an inclusive and exclusive experience, the most life changing thing is entertainment.

Creation of good entertainment floods in some good dollars to the investors because, entertainment brings the old and young today. It can make the elderly smile again.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Guest Feedback

Stop waiting for reviews before you upgrade but always try to extract negative reviews and feedback.

Negative feedback is the backbone for upgrading. Solicit actively and respond to your guest feedback.

It is only when you accept and promote your online reviews, by showing other travelers that you value the opinion of your guest and that you can go extra mile to deliver a perfect service.

Always try to send them mails on survey for the services rendered because by doing that, you are proving to them that you can do better than expected.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Improving On Customer Service Employee

Customer Service Employee’s are the corner stone of every management.

If an organization has a bad customer service employee, the organization will be dead in no time.

In this case, the employees should be coached on regular basis on how to attend to guests in a polite manner.

There should be a penalty for misconduct from the employees.
Every staff member plays an important role in guest experience and it’s cool that every member of the staff knows that.

When employing your staff, the most important thing to check apart from qualifications is the communication skill.

Your employee should be able to speak fluently and should be able to express the sentiment of your hotel when responding to a guest inquiry.

Your staff should be able to relay some things that he/she encountered, to the supervisor and be able to offer help to the solution affecting the hotel management.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through proper Hygiene

Toilet hygiene to improve hotel guest satisfaction

“Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness”.
The most important thing a guest deserves to embrace is perfect hygiene conditions.

Before discussing about anything else, we have talk more on clean environment.
Research conducted, shows that the percentage of guest to that gives their reviews on their experience always emphasize on hygiene.

Therefore, it has been concluded that 100% of travelers demand good hygiene.
Some ways to get your travelers trust on hygiene are regular cleaning, using white or transparent tiles to cover all the walls, toilet must be kept clean at all cost.

Because toilet is the major concentration of everyone.
The management should conduct a routine check-up, on the hygiene affairs or they should be able to employ a hygienist.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction By Technology Innovation

jacuzzi technology to improve hotel guest satisfaction

We have discussed previously on how to improve hotel guest satisfaction through implementing In-room technology but that’s only for in-room.

In this phase, we are talking about the whole system of technology that the management can be able to reach for a better experience of guest.

For example, installing jacuzzi in a bedroom, using predictive maintenance, smart reserved parking, remote check in and checkout, smart room service etc.


Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction By Making First Impression

As hoteliers, it is advisable to make good impression. But how can i make a very good impression?

Here are the things you need to do;

1. Use Bait Method

2. Use Eye Catchings Method

Bait Method

This is a natural way, which you can use to keep your guest. In this method you will organize some raffle tickets for them and make them to win good prices on their arrival.

Eye Catchings Method

You will make the room to be so comfortable to them. Showing them some game reserve that is attached to your hotel or farms. Where they can see some animals or even take them to archives.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through E-mail

improving hotel guest satisfaction through email

Most to times the best way to stay close to one’s heart is through sending them emotional mails.

Employ someone that will be in charge of all E-mail circulation.

A person with the qualification of guidance and counseling will be fit for the job.
Send your guest emotional mails regularly, build their trust. So that they can always confide in you and even if they will not come back again, they will always refer and direct customers to your hotel.

Always make them know when your discount offers are available by keeping in touch with them.

Send them adverts on your latest development.

Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction Through Social Media Presence

Social media has taken over the world to with it’s population. Over 90% of the world’s population are using social media.

Grow your brand by making it known and managed online. How can i introduce my business online? You can grow and manage your business in social media.

For example, login to Facebook create a page with your brand name, add a cover photo of your hotel.

Then always try to upload adverts, room rates, discount offers and some miscellaneous offers.

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