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Can you freeze cheese?

can you freeze cheese?

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can you freeze cheese?  If you ever have purchased much cheese, maybe for your birthday or any celebration at all. Have you ever tried to throw a bulky spoilt cheese that you would have used for about 5 days? Though it hurts a lot.

You buy the product and the leftovers are abandoned in the fridge until they go bad. And you are furious because you dislike the waste of food and you have to look for a way to prevent it from spoilage.

Freezing sounds like a good idea but the question is “can you freeze cheese?” Without any doubt or taste of sour. Can it be fresh again after defrosting?
That is a very good question that is valid and we will answer in this article.

Can You Freeze Cheese
Yes, you can freeze cheese perfectly. If you planning not to use it in a day or two days’ time, may you bought a bulk of it for your birthday or any celebration that you want to anchor? Cheese that is frozen is always safe for consumption. In fact, frozen foods are the best because there is no preservation added to them.

But they always change the texture and often become somehow crumbly if they are thawed.
When thawed, you shouldn’t think of serving the frozen cheese at the party. But it is good at adding it to some cooked dishes like sauce, casserole, and soups.

Cheese freezing is always a good idea. You can freeze any type of cheese as far as you follow the storing process below in this article but they are some varieties that are always recommended for freezing such as; gouda, swiss and cheddar.

They come through the freezing process with almost no damage done to their flavor and texture.

To enable good results do not keep cheese frozen for more than six months.

can you freeze cheese
How To Store And Make It Last Longer

Here are the steps in freezing Cheesecake

  •  Open the cheese and remove it from the original plastic container that was used to package it.
  • Wrap the cheese with a cheese paper, parchment paper or wax paper
  •  Always mark the cheese paper by labeling the cheese with maybe the date and the name you purchased it with and any other thing you can use to remember it with
  • In a plastic container, wrap the paper-covered cheese inside.
  • Keep the cheese in the freezer for as long as you want but not more than 6 months

1. Split Larger Blocks Down To Half

Try cutting down larger blocks down to 1/2. To answer the question can you free cheese?. This is a perfect way to equally preserved the cheese for further usage.

Avoid putting a bulky cheese into the freezer to avoid damage in some parts of it. You will need to cut some of it down. If you are trying to freeze a large block or wheel of cheese, always slice it into pieces.

Do not allow the weight to be more than approximately 0.23kg though it depends on how you tend to use the cheese.

You can cut into smaller blocks if you want and this will allow the cheese to freeze perfectly and thaw out thoroughly. does vanilla extract goes bad

2. Wrap The Block Of Cheese In Airtight Seal

Use the vacuum-sealed plastic bag to package the cheese safely. This is one of the best methods to make the cheese last longer.

Eliminate as much air possible when you wrap the cheese tightly to prevent it from freezer burn. Be sure to always use materials that are resistant to moisture.

Put the already wrapped cheese into the freezer to add an extra layer of protection. If it is weighing already 0.23kg or something less than, leave it in its initial pack and add some layer of protection by using a freezer bag.

3. Don’t Forget To Label

Labeling is always a good approach to preservation. Use a pen or permanent marker to label so, that you can easily identify it when frozen. The things to consider when labeling is; jotting down the product name, write the date you kept it in the freezer and the expiry date of the product. After labeling, place it in a dry spot of the freezer and close it tightly.

Do not allow the freezer to be open unnecessarily so, that the cheese can get frozen completely.

can you freeze cheese
How To Tell When Cheese Cakes Go Bad

When your cheese has reached the epic of its lifetime, it is always tricker than thought. We can consider three attributes to tell when it goes bad.

They are briefly discussed below

Remember that when you asked the question can you freeze cheese? The reason for the question is to know when it goes bad and how to preserve it.

Most dairy foods often show some signs of spoilage anytime they are due to be thrown away. Cheese often have molds in their appearance but that doesn’t mean it is bad.

However, when you see or notice any signs of mold, try to cut at least 1/4 of the surface bearing the mold out. It doesn’t mean that only molds are the physical appearance of telling when the cheese is bad.

Cheese is of so many varieties, sometimes color change is a good indicator that the cheese has gone bad or even it’s texture.

Some other appearance indicators are bloated packaging, sliminess, and oil, etc.


The sign to know that the cheese has gone bad is the smell.

However, cheese produces different smells to tell that they are bad. The common smell that is widely recognized is the “off” smell.

Sometimes it may scent like spoiled ammonia, milk, and even freezer. You shouldn’t rely on the smell alone as the cheese might be trickier than you can imagine.

It is highly advisable that you should smell the cheese when you purchased it first so that you can be able to detect when it is off smelling and goes bad.


  1. Cheese doesn’t leave forever.
  2. Most times the only way to confirm that the cheese has gone bad is by tasting it.
  3. Tasting it doesn’t mean you will have to eat a hunk of it.
  4. You just have to cut a piece of it that is capable to retain its flavor and taste.
  5. If your cheese tastes sour or has an unpleasant aftertaste then you will know that your cheese is totally bad. maybe you want to know about how long do mushrooms last

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