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Does Vanilla Extract Goes Bad?

Does Vanilla Extract Goes Bad

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Getting ready for a party? but, you are planning it down a month or two weeks before. You are getting your items ready for the bakery sector and you have already purchased vanilla extract. And now you are panicking because you do not know how to preserve some items that you bought.

Now the question that pops up to your mind immediately is “does vanilla extract go bad?”. We are here to relieve you from the panic and to tell you the shelf life of vanilla extract though, there are equally original and imitation vanilla extract.

According to researches that we carried out basically on vanilla extract. We are here with a tentative answer to the question “does vanilla extract goes bad?” and the answer is

Does Vanilla Extract Goes Bad

No, the vanilla extract does not go bad, they last a long time. It is indefinite. It doesn’t allow bacteria to grow, so that will make it very difficult to get spoiled. unlike meat and dairy products. What you should consider is that the pure vanilla extract and the imitation differs.

If you have been using the cheaper one(imitation) and maybe you switched to the more expensive one (pure extract), have it in mind that the flavors differ. The pure one has a more strong smell than the imitation so that you don’t get worked up that it has gone bad.

Does Vanilla Extract Goes Bad
Pure vanilla extract fares much better over time. It’s high alcoholic content, makes it so easy to last for several years in perfect quality, and many consulted sources have proven it to be true.

Though some bear best-by-date in their label often, but it is just because the law requires it from every manufacturer. Even if your vanilla extract is in any way past the date of the expiry, it is still good.

Most especially when you take very good care of it. But even if you don’t know how to take care of it or how to store it, always follow the proceedings of our content because we will tell you how to store and how to tell when it goes bad.

Talking about vanilla extract imitation. It also comes with a label or written at the bottom of the extract container containing the expiry date.

Unlike the pure extract, when the imitation past the date of the expiry, it’s quality, taste and fragrance will drop also. Though the shelf life is 2 to four years past the expiry date.

When it drops slightly, you can add more of the content to get the flavor. But if it’s a couple of years past the date, it will lose it’s taste gradually.

How To Store Vanilla Extract And Make It Last Longer

Making vanilla extract last longer and trying to store it is much easier than expected.

* Store in a cool dark corner or spice drawer.

* Make sure it doesn’t sit near heat. Because prolonged exposure to heat or light causes the taste to degrade.

* Always store in-between room temperature or slightly below room temperature. So the best place to store could be the kitchen or pantry.

* Do not try to mess with the taste by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. This will cause huge damage to it.

Does Vanilla Extract Goes Bad

How To Tell When It Goes Bad

Vanilla extract is very difficult to go bad. But “nothing they say last forever”.

Some signs that will help you to tell when it goes bad and one of them is the appearance.

Appearance helps a lot in telling when the product is bad. For instance, when the bottle containing the extract is partially open, that is when the product goes bad. Even when you notice a coagulant on the bottom of the bottle it clearly indicates that it has gone bad.

The extract that is in good condition always looks very smooth and fine, so when you notice it be mushy or clumsy know that it has gone really bad. Also, check to see if they are any bacteria or fungi present in it.

Another sign to tell when it goes bad is the smell. Though vanilla extract doesn’t smell that bad when they go bad, their flavor often depreciates. Tasting the product you bought or tasting the product you stored is a very good approach for being a storekeeper.

Taste entails all. It is the final segment to determine if your extract is good or not. The extract is naturally tasty, so when the taste goes off then you know it has really gone bad.


Vanilla extract is mostly from beans.

The extract is said to have an almost indefinite shelf life. Most sources say it last for decades before the expiry.

Vanilla extract is very useful. It is one of the most popular cooking products.

Avoid freezing and always store in a cool dark place since it’s very sensitive to light.

The pure extract is very expensive to purchase hence people prefer imitation than the original since they serve the same purpose to them.

The physical difference between pure extract and imitation is that the pure extract is always accompanied by the label is boldly written pure vanilla extract for distinct satisfaction.

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