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How Long Do Mushrooms Last?

How Long Do Mushrooms Last?

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Did you purchase bulky mushrooms? And you have been asking the question, how long do mushrooms last?.

Maybe you bought them for your soup or stew purposely to add to your stir-fries. You add only a handful to your dish and many are still remaining, but now you don’t know if it’s to discard them or store them.

Most people have inquired to know how to store mushrooms and make it last longer, how to tell when it goes bad and the unending question “how long do mushrooms last?.

We have got you covered because we provide answers to all your questions at fingertips and we always make it brief for your quick understanding.

Most edible mushrooms last longer than expected. Fresh mushrooms last for about 2 to 4 days when kept in a cool environment. Edible mushrooms are rare to find and when you find one, must make arrangement for their preservation. How long do mushrooms last in the freezer?.

Don’t get worked up fresh mushrooms that are packaged in plastic tight container always last for about 4-10 days in a row the freezer.

According to sources consulted before putting on this article, it is said that you can package cook mushrooms and store them in the freezer and they can stay for a long time. Mushrooms add flavor, great taste in dishes. Mushrooms are also vegetables with their own unique qualities. They are naturally fungi.

How Long Do Mushrooms Last
How To Store And Make It Last Longer

Mushrooms are very fragile, they need to be handled with absolute care. They add flavor and taste to our food safe .

How long do mushrooms last has been a question of the decade and people are still searching for it? It is very simple as answered above and now we are going to give you the complete guide from our own source of information and experience to enable you to know how to store mushrooms and make them last longer.

Canning Method

Not all mushrooms suitable for storage in this method but the highly recommended mushrooms here are the button type mushrooms which is the “champignons de Paris”. This species of mushroom can last longer in this canning method.

In this phase, there are two procedures involved in this method. Which are

* Pressure cooking canning

* Water bath canning

Pressure cooking canning is a process which helps to regulate the temperature in which it is processed or boiled in is enough to kill off any sign of bacterial spores that can cause great damage to it to cause botulism.

The temperature in the pressure cooker is estimated to be within the range of 250-degree fare height.

Storing Them Cooked And Frozen

Freezing is one of the best ways to store food items, though not all food items can be stored in the freezer. Here we are going to discuss the procedures involved in storing cooked mushrooms and freezing it.

Freezing is the only way to go if you tend to store mushrooms for long term use. You can freeze mushrooms either cooked or raw but is trickier to freeze raw than cooked because raw ones have much water in them.

But you can as well store them in a Freeze-safe airtight polymer or bag. It helps to make storage of raw mushrooms easier. It is best advised that you should always cook your mushrooms before freezing it for long term purposes.

The following steps will guide you to Cook and freeze mushrooms

1. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly with cold water to remove some natural impurities.

2. Cut or slice the ones that are larger than one inch into quarters

3. Choose between steaming and frying

4. After coking your mushrooms, make sure you drain it and throwaways the drained water so that the water will no decrease their shelf life

5. The packaging is very important. Place them in bags that can be completely sealed without an inlet or outlet of air

6. Now place the bag or container into the freezer

Drying Method

Maybe your freezer is faulty, you can switch to the drying method of storage.

You can dry by using microwave or food dehydrators, but we solely focus on the natural drying method with the help of the sun.

Here are the steps to follow

* Choose a sunny and low humidity day to carry out your operation. Because of the humidity is high, it may take a longer time for it to dry.

* Avoid using water to wash the mushrooms. Otherwise use a bread brush of soft towel to clean it properly. This will help to keep them moisture-free

* For it to dry very well. Make sure you cut the large one at least half-inch to their size

* Choose a sun stable environment with a low level of humidity and a good air circulation area. But make sure that the place is not easily accessible to pests

* Place it on a mat or rack. Arrange them properly to avoid overlapping.

* The net tent is often sold in some kitchen supply stores. Get one and cover your mushrooms while getting dried

* When the they are dried. Put them in an airtight container. Store them in a place not too cold nor dried.

How Long Do Mushrooms Last? You Can Pickle Them To Make It Last Longer

This method helps to boost its shelf life. The process is carried out by adding pickling liquid to add flavor and extend its shelf life.

The pickling liquid is composed of acidic liquid such as vinegar and salt.

how long do mushrooms last

How To Tell When It Goes Bad

Spoilt mushrooms can make someone to be I’ll for days. So it is best to search for spoilt ones and throw them away as soon as you detect it.

Here are the signs to tell when it has gone bad

Bruises And Brown Spots

Always be cautious of consuming mushrooms that are blotch. When it comes to food items, anytime your foods stuff is discolored, don’t eat them without proper consultation. Sometimes bruises and spots of different colors are the first sign to be considered when your food has gone bad.

If your mushrooms are covered with a spot of different colors it is best you throw them away. But if you see bruises in them, cut the blemish part away as it is still safe for consumption.


Eating healthy food makes you last longer and bit safes you from illness. There is a saying which says “that health is wealth” whenever you notice that your mushroom is becoming slimy or produces a slimy coating.

Just know that the mushrooms have gone bad. Even when mold has grown and is now visible to the eyes know that they did not belong to you again, in fact, they belong to the trash and prevent yourself from foodborne disease.

Because at this stage of spoilage, they have lost their flavor and supposed nutrient, so there is no point in consuming them any longer.

Sour Or Fishy Smell

Healthy ones are supposed to smell earthy and sweet. Any foul odor you perceive from mushrooms is sure signs that they are meant to be tossed.

Pungent, whiff and bad odor are the surefire signs they are past their prime.


Always discard spoiled foods in your fridge or store to avoid bacteria and mold growth spreading to other good ones.

Spoilt ones can make you sick for some days. So try to always adhere to the precautions and discard them.

Mushrooms are best stored in the freezer to make it last longer.

Mushrooms are of many species. So always try to Know the edible ones before consumption.

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