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How Long Does Mint Last

How Long Does Mint Last

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I came across this question how long does mint last when I was educating my co-chef on the use of mint. Firstly when he asked me the question, I looked so dumb because frankly speaking all through my life as a chef I never knew the shelf life of mint. All I know is that I will go to the market, mall or anywhere I get it and use it for my recipe.

We had to put up with the experiment and carried out some research which aided us in knowing the answer to the question ” how long does mint last? Here read on!

Mint last up to 5 to 7 days still fresh. When fresh mint is stored in the freezer it can last up to 1 to 2 years because of its nature. Fresh mint can last up to 3 to 4 months in the fridge and when it is dried and grounded it can last up to 1 to 3 years. Mint extract is often used as flavors and they can last for 4 to 5 years in the pantry.

With all these answers to the question of how long does it last. I believe you are convinced that mint has a good shelf life.

Mint has so many health benefits that will be hinted at the last header. But now the last talk about some useful and mouth-watering applications of a fresh one, dried mint, and even the extract. It has been very useful in making 70% of the world recipes. How long do mushrooms last

In fact, almost every chef knows about mint and the great flavor it adds to food.

Fresh mint is often use in cooking recipes like noodles, rice and stew, pudding and so many others to be mentioned.

You can practically add it in virtually every recipe and it will still give it great taste and aroma. It is often use in the soup of different kinds. It is just a natural herb for your intestines.


Before you can add the leaves to your dish, you must wash it thoroughly. They are leaves to use and not their stems, so you must avoid their stems in your dish at all costs. You must cut the stems off before you can use them.

To be able to use them again when it is still fresh, all you have to do is to place them in a ventilated area. For example, put them in a tray or jar and place them near the window do not allow external water to touch so as to avoid decay. And you can use them easily whenever you want to use them.

Trying to prepare something with mint? Alright, I got you!
Why I love to use mint leaves in my dish is because it is one of the most convenient leave to use dishes.

Although I often thaw it with my hands. Just like I said earlier, it is one of the most desired ingredients in dishes. Whenever you want to use them in your dish, you must wash them thoroughly. Split the leaves from the stems.

Maybe you might love to use them as dressing to your recipe, otherwise, get a chopping board and slices thinly. Or you might ask why I use the word “thingy” but it is simply because I love to slice then into a thin piece. You can now garnish your recipe with its sweet flavor.

  How Long Does Mint Last
How To Store Mint Leaves And Make It Last Longer( How Long Does Mint Last)

Storing mint is very good to preserve its shelf life.

Here are some ways in which you can store mint and make it last longer


You can safely dry it and use it in the future. You can equally extract it though but let’s talk about how you can dry to preserve it

  •  Wash thoroughly
  •  Place it in a ventilated or sunny area
  • When dried you can grind it into powder of your preferred choice


This is the best way to store mint leaves. All you need to do is

  •  Wash the mint
  •  Trim it
  •  Chop the leaves into pieces
  •  Allow it to dry
  •  When it has dried up, package it in a heavy-duty freezer bag and freeze.
  •  Always check it routinely


In this case it is not practice major because it only stores it when fresh and with a short period of time.

All you have to do is to wash it and arrange it very well. Place it in a refrigerating tray and allow it to refrigerate.

  How Long Does Mint Last
How To Tell When Mint Leaves go bad ( How Long Does Mint Last)

Mint leaves unlike other vegetables doesn’t go bad easily. It takes only some bruises on the surface to tell at times.

Nevertheless the less we are going to discuss briefly the signs to tell when it goes bad.

Here are the signs to tell


The leaves are always deep green in color. When you notice that they changed from green to yellow or when you purchase discolored leaves.

Discolored mint leaves are not good for health so when you notice anything of such, discard it.


It has a deep flavor which makes it be easily identified in the garden and even in the market.

When you notice that the sweet enthusiastic smell has depreciated or has gone off. Please do away with it.


  • Did you know that mint belongs to the Lamiaceae family
  • The Lamiaceae family is up to 15 to 20 species of plant. They include spearmint and peppermint
  • The leaves have some health benefits which include; reducing breastfeeding pain. Aids’ indigestion, mask bad breath, helps to improve brain function.
  • Healthline nutrition mint benefits

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